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Essential for the best VW Camping Trip

So you have booked a VW for a camping trip? Hurrah! Now you need to make sure you have everything you need to make it the best trip ever. We are sure you know what you need as essentials, so these are just a few extra items to make the trip that much better.

iPad/iPhone projector – there are some cool little gadgets these days that you can hook up to your phone or tablet to project video. Take an old sheet and some cable and set yourself up a little outdoor cinema!

Scrubba Portable Washing Machine – This is a lightweight wash bag that is the smallest washing machine in the world. Just pop in the item, water and detergent and clip it shut. Roll it around on something firm and the internal flexi washboard will give the items a good scrub. Perfect!

Ear Plugs – You might like the sound of nature around you, but sometime you just want to shut off and get some snooze. Pack the earplugs as a back up, you will wish you did if you don’t!

Card Games – It is so easy to get stuck into a great game of cards when you are taken away from your every day lives with less to distract you.

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