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Why a Campervan and Not a Tent?

That’s a very good question, and one we would like to give you an answer to.


Tents - at one with nature, feel the earth… right? And feel the rain soaked floor and condensation on the inside material more like! Sure, not every camping trip ends up like this, but there is always a good chance of a bad weather day in England. Weather doesn’t dampen your sleep and time in a VW Campervan and you can even sit in comfort watching the weather go by. You are kept dry and cosy.


A VW Camper is your vehicle to your destination, and almost everything you need when you get there. We provide you with all kitchen ware including a hob, so you don’t need to go out and buy any cooking items for your trip, and nor will you have to carry them around with you. (mains hook up cable provided to be used at a campsite)


Save time and effort on your trip from not having to erect a tent. No matter how easy they tell you they are, they will always take a long time to put up! Not only that, if you are last to a site, you may end up with a patch on a slope, now that isn’t comfy is it?

Moving on

When you are done or wanting to move to a new location, you can almost just shut the doors and drive off. Easy. No taking down, packing up and re-erecting of a tent.

For more information on hiring Priscilla for your trip, please get in touch with us today.

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