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6 Ways to make sure you get the best photos from your wedding

Hire a professional wedding photographer

They have a lot of experience and understand perfectly how to day works. Many couples these days ask a friend who has a nice camera to take the photos but usually go on to regret this.

Tell your photographer about your family dynamic

Many couples are from divorced or blended family’s. This could make the dynamic awkward for the photographer. Giving the photographer some background will help make sure those in photographs are comfortable and make them run more smoothly.

Photo guest book

Polaroids are back and they are the perfect addition to a wedding guest book. Leave some polaroid cameras around, and some tape or glue so guests can stick them into the book.

# Your wedding

Save instagram snaps to Dropbox by creating a free account with IFTT HERE and link the two apps together. This way you can collate all photos at your wedding using your hashtag. Remember to tell your guests what your chosen hashtag is!

Hire a photo booth!

Photo booths are a wedding favourite. Not only are they fun, they are easy to run (the hire company usually takes care of running them for you), so you don’t have to worry about them. Be sure to add some props, perhaps event create some bespoke props.

And don’t forget the selfie stick!

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