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6 Great camping hacks you wish you knew before!

Here are some time saving, space saving hacks to make your next VW camping trip that little bit easier.

Pre cracked eggs – This might sound a bit strange, but eggs are very fragile, and lots of movement in the camper may cause them to crack and ruin. You can buy precracked eggs in cartons, or you can crack your own into a water tight bottle or tupperwear.

Pre-made pancake batter – Bags of flour seem to make a mess when you haven’t even touched them for months, let alone in a camper van! Avoid the mess by making you batter in advance in a bottle before your journey.

Repel Mosquitos - Even in the UK we can still be bitten by those little bugs. Keep a bundle of dried sage around your campsite. This will keep them away.

Single Use Soap - Save space by shaving a bar of soap with a vegetable peeler. Now you have single use pieces of soap.

Spice Rack - If you love your spices, pop them into Tic Tac boxes. They are much smaller and easier to store.

Doritos make fire! - That’s right, Doritos. They are great for starting a fire. (And then cook the rest for nachos!)

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