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Beautiful Wedding Venues in Kent - Preston Court

Preston Court is a large farm with many heritage buildings and a church, all forming a conservation area. What makes this venue unique are its large collations of fairground rides, musical organs and steam engines, all of which provide the perfect backdrop to your big day.

Preston Court has 3 areas that you can marry;

  1. The Kent Barn; A 17th century ‘Kentish’ barn – a simple but enchanting open-framed wooden building that can seat up to 120 people and has a capacity of 150 guests for the evening.

  2. Juliana’s Island; Licensed for outdoor weddings and blessings, a romantic island in the front lake. You must cross a pretty bridge when walking up the isle and your ceremony is beneath a pagoda, cradled by an ancient Yew tree. Perfect for an intimate wedding, or additional guests can watch from rows of seating on the adjacent lawn.

  3. St Mildreds Church; It is now possible to marry in a church where you are not a member of the parish. St Mildreds is 100meters from the Kent Barn.

In addition to all of the above, Preston Court also has a Victorian carousel available for hire, perfect for vintage and Victorian style weddings.

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