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Important Wedding Car Hire Tips

How you get to your wedding is incredibly important of course! These are our tips to make sure hiring your wedding car goes smoothly...

The Journey

Who do you want to travel in the wedding cards? How many bridesmaids, flower girls etc. will there be? It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many times cars have been hired which did not fit the entire party.


You must be realistic and make sure you leave enough time to get to the venue. You don’t want the groom thinking you aren’t coming! Check road works for that weekend, are any of the roads closed? Perhaps even have a dummy run yourself at the same time and on the same day of the week you are planning your wedding to make sure there isn’t any unknown local traffic you may not know about, especially if it is in an area you are not familiar with.


Make sure your hire car company knows exactly which route you wish to take. If you have planned your route, you do not want them taking a different one which may cause a delay.


Every part of your wedding has been carefully planned, so make sure your car complements your wedding’s colour scheme. Also check that your chosen hire car company will match ribbons and flowers in the car, with your colour scheme.

Book Early

This can’t be stressed enough. Wedding car companies get more booking requests then they are able to confirm, especially on Saturdays and in the summer. Make sure you get in early to avoid being disappointed.

Your Dress

Think about your comfort in the car, will your dress fit? You need to make sure the car is big enough!


It is always best to view your car before making the booking. Older cars can var in their condition and you can check that you are getting the actual car you want to book. It is easy to make a car look nicer in a photo online.

Is your car exclusive?

Does the hire company have another booking on the same day? We advise that you make sure the car is exclusive to you on your day.

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